The second annual 12°N61°W Grenadian Film Festival (1261GFF) is a Caribbean destination filmmakers festival in Grenada from May 3rd - May 9th, 2020.

Founded by Meschida Philip, a Grenadian-American Filmmaker. The 1261GFF executive group consist of an all-female international team with over 20 years of production and business experiences.

We promote films with distinct themes exploring multicultural norms and diversity within the Caribbean communities; and/or films that has strong associative motifs rooted in cultural, political and social elements that are also representative of Caribbean people experiences globally.  

Our inaugural 2019 festival left a solid footprint within the Arts Community in Grenada.

We featured a staggering lineup of fifty (50) thought-provoking films, eight feature-length and forty-two short films from Thirteen (13) countries, including the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, with several films making Grenadian and Regional premieres.

Almost 40% percent of the films programmed came from female filmmakers. The Children Matinee and Teen Program constituted approximately 35% percent of the films. The Breaking Barriers/ LGBTQ program accounted for about 10%, which was co-hosted by GrenChap. Sixteen (16%) percent of the films featured were produced in Grenada or featured Grenadian artist/content creators.

During the three-day event, festival attendees had the opportunity to connect with local and international filmmakers and international industry professionals from Seed & Spark, FixerFilms and New York Women Filmmakers and MAAT Films during the workshops, networking events, screenings, and filmmakers Q&A.

What unified us during that weekend was the power of storytelling and our love for filmmaking, BEYOND BOUNDARIES.

Join us in 2020!