12°N61°W Grenadian Film Festival 2019 Awards Winners Announced

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada - 12°N61°W GRENADIAN FILM FESTIVAL(1261GFF), announces the festival’s award winners! The inaugural annual event took place from Friday, May 3rd to Sunday, May 5th at various locations in Grenada including Lavo Lanes, Movie Palace at Excel Plaza, and Deluxe Cinema, Grenville and featured a staggering lineup of fifty (50) films from around the world that drew attention to Black experiences and culture.

The festival was preceded by four-industry focused workshops in Production, Script Writing and Crowdfunding/Distribution facilitated by Leslie Ann Wills-Caton, Fixer Film Studios,  Stacia Yearwood and Christina Raia, Seed & Spark respectively. The 12°N61°W Grenadian Film Festival Awards Ceremony took place on May 5th, marking the culmination of the 2019 Festival, where 8 feature-length and 42 short films — selected from approximately 150 submissions — were screened.  

 International Producer and festival programmer, Eva Minemar hosted the ceremony at Lavo Lanes in St. George, Grenada. Five prizes for both feature and short filmmaking were awarded. Undaunted, humanizing and intimate stories prevailed across categories, with Jury winners conferred to Miquel Galofre's  "Breaking The Cycle" (Best Feature Award), Cassie Quarless  & Usayd Younis’ "Generation Revolution" (Best World Cinema); Joshua Paul's "Kinto" (Best Short Narrative), Thomas Harrad & Reuben Millns’ "Jab Jab" (Best Short Documentary),  Raymond Malinga’s "A Kalabanda Ate My Homework" (Best Animation) and Akley Olton’s "Black Doll" (First-time Filmmaker Award).

Supporting the independent voices of artists and their stories from Grenada and, by extension, the Caribbean and beyond has been at the core of 1261GFF's mission from the very beginning.  This year's inaugural festival celebrated and championed risk-taking artists that focus on telling stories about inclusion, diversity and the Black experiences globally. Our team looks forward to inspirations and conversations that started here as they shape and define future projects coming out of Grenada in the upcoming year.

12ºN 61ºW Grenadian Film Festival Director and Founder Meschida Philip

This year’s jurors, invited in recognition of their accomplishments in the arts, technical craft and visionary storytelling; this year’s jurors were  Richardo Keens-Douglas, Johncrow Alexander, Andrew Richards and Diego Ongaro.

Awards designed/sponsored by  Maria Mc Clafferty - Art Glass  | Photo by  Wayne Williams

Awards designed/sponsored by Maria Mc Clafferty - Art Glass | Photo by Wayne Williams

12°N61°W Grenadian Film Festival 2019 Award Winners!

Best Feature Award 

Presented to: Miquel Galofre, for Breaking The Cycle / Trinidad & Tobago. (Director/screenwriter: Miquel Galofre and screenwriter: Juliette McCawley)

Moving from victim to survivor, Camika, a mother of seven, shares her personal story of how she got the strength and voice to stop the cycle of domestic abuse in her home. Abandoned by her father and hurt by men, she now works hard to help other victims of domestic abuse while she still struggles trying to repair the impact of the years of abuse on her children.


Best World Cinema Award 

Presented to: Cassie Quarless & Usayd Younis, for Generation Revolution / United Kingdom. (Directors/Producers:Cassie Quarless & Usayd Younis and Editors: Nse Asuquo and Richard Guard )

Generation Revolution explores the successes and unexpected challenges these inspiring young people face. Motivated by the desire for a more equal future, they embark on the rewarding but difficult path that must be trodden in their struggle for liberation.


Best Short Narrative Award 

Presented to: Joshua Paul for Kinto / Jamaica. (Directors: Joshua Paul, Producers: Saeed Thomas and Leslie-Ann McDowell and Editors: Nse Asuquo and Richard Guard ) Staring Sekai Smart-Macaulay and Justin Hadeed Awn

Kinto lives on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, wiping the  windscreens of passing cars at stoplight intersections to earn  money. Ambushed and beaten by a group of other street boys, a desolate Kinto embraces his identity when he makes an unexpected act of kindness.


Best Short Documentary Award

Presented to: Thomas Harrad & Reuben Millns for  Jab Jab” / Grenada, United Kingdom. (Directors: Thomas Harrad & Reuben Millns Producer: Sam Holmes and Editor: Charlie Rotberg)

Jab Jab is a portrait of Grenada's annual J’ouvert festival. Every year, thousands of Grenadians congregate in the middle of the night to ‘play Jab,’ covered head-to-toe in motor oil as a powerful symbol of remembrance, celebration and defiance.


Best Short Animation/Experimental Award 

Presented to: Raymond Malinga A Kalabanda Ate My Homework” / Uganda.

A Kalabanda is a mythical creature that is said to haunt schools in Uganda. Tendo, a pupil shows up to class one day without homework – claiming that a “Kalabanda” ate it. Who’d believe such a lame excuse? No-one! How will Tendo prove his story? And does this mythical creature really exist? This story brings a ridiculous twist to the infamous excuse “a dog ate my homework”.


First-time Filmmaker Award

Presented to: Akley Olton for  Black Doll” / St. Vincent. (Director: Akley Olton; Producer/ Director of Photography: Laura Sanz and Sound Design: Homer Mora).

Black Doll focuses on a little black girl who receives a lesson on identity from her Grandmother while she plays with her white dolls.




The 12°N61°W GRENADIAN FILM FESTIVAL (1261GFF), presented by Mprojekts Creative Group, brings filmmakers and diverse audiences together to celebrate black voices in cinema. Rooted in independent film, 1261GFF is a platform for creative expression and immersive entertainment. The Festival champions emerging and established award-winning filmmakers and creators; curates innovative experiences; and introduces exhibitions, workshops, talks, and live performances. Grenadian-American filmmaker, Meschida Philip, founded the Festival in 2018 as a destination to spur cinematic experiences in Grenada. The inaugural annual edition took place from May 3rd - May 5th, 2019.


The 12°N61°W Grenadian Film Festival 2019 Partners:

The 12ºN 61ºW Grenadian Film Festival 2019 Festival partners includes: Presenting Partner– Mprojkets Creative Group; Partners – Byron Heavy Trucking and Equipments,  Lavo Lanes, Deluxe Cinema. Media Partners – BossFM Grenada, Ridealonglive.   The 12ºN 61ºW Grenadian Film Festival recognizes support from the Paracademia Center Inc, Grenada Ministry of Youth Development, Duty Free Grenada, Concepts Advertising, Maria McClafferty-Paradise Glass, La Boucan Creative Center and Seed & Spark, Amalgama Studio, Map Media International, FIXERfilm Studios, Beautiful Events Gnd, Nice Auto Services Inc,, StonesCustoms, Andy’s Kitchen, Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA).   The support (in-kind and monetary) of these organizations helps offset the Festival’s cost. 1261filmfestival.com/sponsors


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